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In a fast evolving world, the number of concepts that students need to be aware of has enormously widened. Students need a more visual method of learning to be able to better grasp complex concepts. Also, subjects like engineering, medicine and architecture (to name a few) could greatly take advantage of mixed reality.

Param Labs has envisaged an app that could present relevant 3D manipulable / 360ᵒ content for the students to view and learn from.

Example / Use Cases

Advantage – Institutes:

  1. Provide Learning of the future – By adopting state-of-the-art technologies like AR and VR, you can be regarded as a place of learning that remains updated and students and parents alike will be encouraged to become a part of your endeavour.
  2. Better Learning Outcomes – As your students learn in one of the best ways to boost learning and grasping, they possess a superior understanding of concepts and their future successes will only make your alumni base, your legacy more impressive.
  3. Procedural Knowledge – Encourage the right kind of learning, instead of declarative knowledge.

Advantage – Students:

  1. Effective Learning – The written or spoken word has 10-20% retention after 3 days, the retention levels for visual learning stands at an impressive 65%, hence by learning through these tools, students fare better as far as being involved with their curriculum is concerned.
  2. Engaging Activity – With this technology, the process of learning has become more engaging, and the students will experience a higher degree of involvement.
  3. Interest Levels – Since this is visual and novel, students will be easily attracted to this modified curriculum, resulting in higher interest levels and happier teaching-learning process.