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Real Estate

Our Real Estate platform reaps the advantages of ground-breaking advances in the domain of computer vision – augmented and virtual reality.

With the ability to view manipulable, 3D, to-scale models of properties using merely a smartphone, the users can rotate, zoom and pan the model and thus gain a better understanding of what a particular property has to offer, ultimately building a satisfactory buying experience in real estate.

The user can walk around in the property either along the “viewpoints” placed on the ground for reference (in the 3D mode) or “location pins”, appropriately placed to signify areas of the interior (in the 360° mode).

Example / Use Cases


Real Estate AR/VR

Real Estate AR/VR is an app that showcases the abilities of Param Labs and highlights our versatility in this vertical. Using the markers given, you can take a walk inside our offices in actual 360° image as well as 3D format.