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Travel & Tourism

Imagine the thrill and convenience of being able to catch a glimpse of that city you’ve always wanted to visit, that beach you’ve always wanted to sunbathe at, or that river cruise you’ve always wanted to appreciate the beauty of – all while sitting on your couch at home!

Planning to go on a vacation, but cannot decide on a destination? We at Param Labs have got you covered. The ability to browse tour packages of different destinations and make a better, informed decision has now reached a new level using Param Lab’s Tourism 360. Experience Tour Packages, standalone images and even 360° video thus ensuring a fully immersive, captivating experience.

Example / Use Cases


Tourism 360

An app that allows its users to experience destinations in 360° virtual reality. In this edition of the app, purely for demonstration purposes, witness the beautiful Europe, the magnificent Middle East, and the stunning United States of America, as we take you through London, Paris, New York, Dubai and many more.

View the demo tours we have created for you, a virtual reality headset (like Google Cardboard) is recommended but NOT REQUIRED, and prepare to have your breath taken away.