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Enter a three dimensional, truly immersive world with Param Labs products, as we bring meticulous 3D models to your phones screen. A VR Headset is recommended to enable the full capacity of our platform, and provide the best viewing experience, but we’ve got you covered even if you don’t have one. With the ability to walk around inside even unfinished properties by using their 3D models, our platform ensures an experience to remember. Virtual Reality was once the dream of science-fiction, but as we at Param Labs like to say: The Future is Now.


Param Labs’s Virtual Reality platform is truly all encompassing – from the first Oculus Rift headset to the latest Google Daydream View VR headset with controller, we have ensured that our products are ready for all hardware platforms. All you need is your smartphone and a compatible VR headset and you’ll be good to go. With specifically designed apps for the Google Daydream Play Store and the Samsung Oculus store, we at Param Labs strive for unhindered propagation of tomorrows future into todays present.

Real Estate AR/VR

Real Estate AR/VR is an app that showcases the abilities of Param Labs and highlights our versatility in this vertical. Using the markers given, you can take a walk inside our offices in actual 360° image as well as 3D format.

Automobiles AR/VR

Automobiles AR/VR allows you to experience amazing cars using Augmented and Virtual Reality. Notice an advertisement printed somewhere and the car catches your eye? Scan the image using our app and access videos and links about the car. Not only that, you get to manipulate a 3D model of the car which will appear on the ad, allowing you to see the car from all sides, reduce/enlarge its size and move it around, also tap on the various available colour options to decide in which colour the cars looks the best to you.

Domino VR

It was a moment of pride for us when this app was accepted and featured on the Google Daydream Store, making Param Labs a part of an exclusive circle of firms with apps for Google Daydream. It provides you with a lifelike experience of playing with Dominos in Virtual Reality. Take a trip down memory lane or indulge in your favourite pastime as you play with dominos on your phone using the Daydream VR headset (required to use the app).

VR Traffic Rider

VR Traffic Rider is simple but addictive Virtual Reality traffic driving game. Ride a motor bike in virtual reality using any google cardboard based headset and avoid traffic vehicles while covering the maximum distance. You can drive on four lane road and you just need to tilt you head side ways to change the lane and avoid traffic and road blocks.

Rescue Rangers

Ever wanted to be a Hero?

The virtual reality game Rescue Rangers brings you to an adventurous scenario, where you need to free the civilians taken hostage by the enemy. In the midst of panic situations combined with crunched time, you need to take control and plan the rescue mission and free the civilians. Only the brave have crossed these lines.