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360° Immersive Experiences

With the ability to piece together multiple technologies to produce the best possible app experience, Param Labs’s 360° platform transports the user to a destination of their choice – a mountain peak in Switzerland, the bank of the River Thames in London, and even the impressive Dubai Mall.

By supporting 360 images, videos and walkthroughs, the platform is incredibly versatile and open-ended, resulting in a host of possibilities.


Our apps only need a smartphone with positional sensors on-board that can tell the app where the user is looking, and hence most phones in the market today would support our platform. We do however prefer specialized equipment to capture the 360° imagery for the most sophisticated and polished outputs.

Real Estate AR/VR

Real Estate AR/VR is an app that showcases the abilities of Param Labs and highlights our versatility in this vertical. Using the markers given, you can take a walk inside our offices in actual 360° image as well as 3D format.

Tourism 360

An app that allows its users to experience destinations in 360° virtual reality. In this edition of the app, purely for demonstration purposes, witness the beautiful Europe, the magnificent Middle East, and the stunning United States of America, as we take you through London, Paris, New York, Dubai and many more.

View the demo tours we have created for you, a virtual reality headset (like Google Cardboard) is recommended but NOT REQUIRED, and prepare to have your breath taken away.

pARam AR

Our flagship platform that provides a stunning and robust experience of Augmented Reality. Param AR will play your video right on the marked printed element which may be on paper, in magazines or even on wall/hoardings. With Param Ads you can even interact with the Augmented Models, like rotate, zoom and pan which gives you access to all the angles of the model.